Case Study: AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca branded content

Using content to support your recruitment drive


Every year AstraZeneca runs a postdoc recruitment program for their Innovative Medicines & Early Development (IMED) Biotech Unit. The Unit plays a critical role in AstraZeneca's success and relies on the innovation that postdocs bring, so AstraZeneca need to reach a wide, international audience of talented candidates.

To support their largest ever annual intake of postdocs, AstraZeneca was keen to raise awareness of their postdoctoral recruitment campaign.



To reach a wide international researcher audience, across channels that eligible candidates trust, AstraZeneca turned to Nature and our branded content service. 

For their branded content, AstraZeneca opted for a Q&A interview format with their Chief Scientist of Neuroscience, Nick Brandon. The interview format enabled Dr. Brandon to detail the benefits of the postdoc program.

The branded content, entitled 'Opportunities knocks for the brightest and best', was published in the Nature journal in print and online on

It was promoted by Nature's marketing team with a highly-targeted, 6-week marketing campaign to ensure the content reached the right audience. The campaigns ran across, as well as off-platform via social media advertising and email.



Reach and engagement with AstraZeneca's branded content were very high:

  • Over 5 minutes time-on-page on average
  •  ~15,000 page views
  • Strong performing native ads, which were served contextually and A/B tested (~5x higher than display results)
  • Users went on to explore related links, including job opportunities at AstraZeneca listed on our Nature Careers website.

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